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Rabbi Pearl donating blood

Thank you to everyone who donated food items to the Passover food drive, and who donated blood or helped out at the ACI blood drive.   Once again, ACI-ers and friends were so very generous in giving of themselves, and doing mitzvot.  We had a very successful food drive and a very successful blood drive - all of which enhanced the lives of our fellow New Yorkers.

As we read in the Haggadah...

"Kol dichfin yetei v'yeichal, kol ditzrich yetei v'yifsach.

Let all who are hungry come and eat, let all who are in need come and celebrate Passover."

Dear Friend of ACI,

Four score and ten (90) years ago, our forefathers brought forth this Synagogue. Their vision created a Conservative House of Worship: the Astoria Center of Israel. We are their beneficiaries.