Adult Classes

Ongoing Adult Hebrew classes

Native Israelis and ACI members Alona and Shlomo Shevach teach a weekly, introductory Hebrew class, covering reading, writing, and conversation. This class is free to all ACI members (but you must pre-register, and seriously intend to regularly attend classes.) To register call (718-278-2680) or email astoriashul[at] the ACI office. Non-members also welcome - contact the ACI office regarding registration and fees.

Torah Reading Class

This special 4-month class will teach trope (Torah cantillation) to adults and MASKIT students ages 8-15.  Younger students who are already comfortable reading Hebrew will have a head start in preparing to begin bar/bat mitzvah tutoring, and adults and older students can work towards joining ACI’s “Team Torah.”  See more, email, or log in to access your class portal (coming soon).