Havdalah Series

Start the evening with a lively ceremony to end Shabbat, called Havadalah, filled with music and singing, followed by an exciting activity and craft options. Wine and cheese will be provided, along with special snacks for kids. A small donation is suggested to cover cost of supplies; see below. 

Due to the changing times of Havdalah throughout the year, our fall and spring events are geared towards adults, and our winter sessions are family friendly. But all are welcome to attend any and every session! 

RSVP to each session, or sign up for all four now to recieve a discount.Click here to reserve your space. 

November 17: Havdalah & Pie Baking: Thanksgiving Special 

We'll be baking individual pies for Thanksgiving - so everyone will get to take something home! There will be wine and cheese for the grown-ups, snacks for the kids, and special Thanksgiving-themed crafts to enjoy while the pies are baking. 

January 12: Havadalah & Comics Art Night

Did you ever try drawing your own comic as a child? Now you and your kids can learn from one of our own professional comic writers and illustrators. 

March 2: Havdalah & Make Your Own Pizza

After a full weekend of Shabbat Across America and the ACI Shabbaton, enjoy a relaxed Havdalah. For dinner, we'll be making our own pizzas with fresh ingredients from around the neighborhood. 

Additional Spring 2019 dates will be announced soon. 

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Requested donation: $8 pp for MASKIT and ACI members ($20 maximum per member family); Non-members $12 pp.