*NEW* Mesibat Shabbat

Mesibat Shabbat | Age: 5-9 | Meets 10:15 - 11:30, alternating Shabbat mornings. 

Free for registered MASKIT students | ACI Members: $240/year | Nonmembers $300/year

Teacher: Morah Emily

Mesibat Shabbat (translation: Shabbat Party) is here! Mesibat Shabbat meets every other week, concurrently with Tot Shabbat. 

It will serve as a supplement to the Kitah Alef and Bet Tuesday sessions, but is also open to all kids ages 5-9. Mesibat Shabbat includes Hebrew, Torah, and Jewish culture through music, games, art, and more. We have brought on a new dynamic and engaging leader who will bring her background in education and camp leadership to our MASKIT team. No one sits at a desk! 

Dates for Mesibat Shabbat appear in the Friday Flyer and in the Bulletin, or email us for the full list. Register Now!

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