ACI 90th Anniversary Journal

Dear Friend of ACI,

Four score and ten (90) years ago, our forefathers brought forth this Synagogue. Their vision created a Conservative House of Worship: the Astoria Center of Israel. We are their beneficiaries.

They chose the young, dynamic Rabbi Joshua L. Goldberg to lead their community. He was an inspiring speaker who broke down walls that formerly had been erected against Jews. He had a bold plan that enabled him to turn a building originally planned as a gymnasium into this building of beauty. The Landmarks Conservancy has awarded it the designation of a State and Federal Historical Site.

This year, we are not only honoring our Synagogue, we are paying tribute additionally to our members who have also reached (or surpassed!) the milestone of turning 90! These honorees are: Sydelle Diner, Dr. Robert and Grace Felsher, Lotte Finnochiaro, Martha Michaels, Anni Newbeck, Rose Ratnoff, Estelle Reiff, Ruth and Ralph Schloss, and Alex and Jeanne Siegel. We have profited from their service and inspiration in keeping this Synagogue a vital part of the Astoria Religious Community.

We have had times of famine and times of plenty throughout our history. Today, enlivened by the energetic leadership of Rabbi Jonathan Pearl and his engaging family, our synagogue is flourishing, offering wonderful Shabbat and holiday services and exciting programming. Young families are seeking us out for the Jewish education of their children. Our Hebrew School is expanding!! Come to a Shabbat Service and see the gratifying sight of these enthusiastic students.

There is something for everyone at ACI. Our yearly Journal supports not only religious services; but, multi-generational programs and activities that include: Tot Shabbat; themed Pot-Luck Suppers; adult and youth education; programming for families and singles; and much more! Twice a year we sponsor a Blood Drive that recently acquired over 50 pints of blood.

We would love to hear your stories about your family's connection to our Synagogue. Along with Memorials and Tributes it will be an Historical Document.

The deadline for your ad in the Journal is May 1st. Please click here for the Journal Ad Form.

The culmination of this endeavor will take place on Friday Evening, June 24th, 2016 at 8:00pm. Come to the inspiring Journal Service; attend the Kiddush, and receive your copy of this, our Ninetieth Anniversary Journal.

The Committee thanks you for helping to make this a Banner Journal, on this special ACI anniversary.



Sydelle Diner, for the Committee