April 2019

There is so much to enjoy about the Jewish holiday of Pesach  – the preparations, the special foods, the rituals, the gatherings, the beginning of Springtime.  And at the heart of all this, anchoring and  giving it all meaning and significance, are the indispensable sacred and powerful messages of Pesach

One of these revolves around the reason God took us out of Egypt.  The Exodus was not a free-for-all, not a “get-out-of-Egypt-free” card, nor a disconnected miraculous event leaving those freed unmoored and undisciplined.  Rather, God took us out of Egypt “to be our God.”   And with the divine gift of freedom that God granted came responsibilities demanded of us.  Namely, we were to observe God’s mitzvot  and thus be holy.  

Pesach can only truly be Pesach if such profoundly uplifting and inspiring sacred messages lie at the heart of our observances, and guide us in our Jewish lives as we strive to always make them holy.

Chag kasheir v’sameiach -- happy Passover to all!


Rabbi Pearl