December 2019

During the current month of Kisleiv, we celebrate Chanukah to express our gratitude to God for the miracles of the holiday, and to the Maccabees who fought a sacred battle for Jewish life for all future generations of Jews so that we would all have another day to live and be.

During this month of Kisleiv our synagogue gives us the chance to give of ourselves so that others might have another day to live and be. On the 10th day of Kisleiv (December 8), the first of ACI’s two annual ‘Blood Drives’ will take place. If you are physically eligible and able, come warm and strengthen your heart and the hearts of potential recipients by giving some blood. 

The sacred battle for life is expressed in many ways and never ends. Chanukah, the holiday of dedication, should also help remind us to demonstrate our own personal dedication to helping others have the chance to live and be for another day. 

Chag urim sameiach – happy Chanukah!


Rabbi Pearl