January/February 2017

As we enter the cold months of winter, when the outdoor environment becomes less than hospitable forcing many into near hibernation, we are heartened by the warmth of our synagogue and our community. 

We have just emerged from the intense focus on Chanukah, known also as the Festival of Lights, and from the “holiday season” which highlights the embrace and celebration of illumination, cheer, and good-will.

It would be regrettable if all that positive loving energy were left behind, assumed to be limited to the holidays in the months of Kisleiv or December.  It doesn’t have to be Kisleiv or December for us to be kind, good, generous, and caring.  Instead of leaving these behind, relegating them to but a brief moment of the year, that light filled with the spirit of brotherhood should stay with us, energize us, and sustain us through the coming winter as we continue to live these eternal values. And even beyond that, we should look towards intensifying these illuminations, brightening these coming months, while having the vision in our hearts and souls of Spring on the horizon. 

In these cold winter months, may each of us find blessing and fulfillment in drawing great warmth from each other, from our community, and from the magnificence of Jewish life and living.



Rabbi Jonathan Pearl