June / July / August 2014

As summer is upon us, we might take some time to contemplate time as it passes us by. Consider that life is a balance between planning and anticipating, remembering and reacting, and living in the here and now. We necessarily spend so much of our time looking back and looking ahead that we all too often forget to acknowledge and appreciate the moment. During the year, our busy lives are guided by demanding schedules and myriad obligations and responsibilities – work, social, familial, religious, etc. If left unchecked and unfiltered, all this can be dizzying and enervating. It is therefore vital for us to mindfully seek and create a healthy balance, one that features significant time for the precious moments that are happening in our lives right now. While of course it is imperative that we do much reflecting and preparing, we must not neglect the present in our lives. Slow down for a moment, before the moment irretrievably passes by – and treasure it. 

Enjoy your summer!


Rabbi Pearl

Rabbi Jonathan Pearl, Ph.D.