A Message from the Rabbi: High Holidays 5782

Dear Friends,

Shanah tovah!

No matter the noisy confusions and uncertainties assaulting us from many directions, I share with you – and hope you partake of – the tremendous joyous excitement inherent in this time of year, as we prepare to embark on this New Year 5782 ahead, filled with promise and hope. 

We have been through some eighteen months of very difficult challenges, overwhelming, and encumbering us in ways we hadn’t imagined possible. And now, as Rosh Hashanah is upon us, we have the opportunity to embrace this blessed and most welcome moment, giving us the opportunity to take the fresh breath of a New Year. 

As we do, let us not forget the true purpose of synagogue and of prayer: their purpose is not to amplify the negative but rather to refocus our energies, our time, our minds and souls on the important things in life – family, friends, community, our people, etc. We have plenty to treasure – focus on those! 

That is what these holidays are about – to see, breathe, and understand clearly, to translate this clarity into sacred action, to make our lives good, and to make ourselves better people.

Judy, Ayelet, Eitan, Noam, and I extend our best wishes to you for a very good, meaningful, holy, and happy 5782!


Rabbi Pearl