November 2016

Election Day is coming up this month, and there is so much attention being paid to it.  This is right, this is good.  Election Day is about choice.  We are fortunate in this blessed country to be able to ‘elect’ – choose – those who will assume the mantle and responsibility of leadership in various positions of government.  

Choosing wisely is one of the most profound mitzvot we have in Jewish life.  God obliges us to choose between blessing and curse, between life and death, and admonishes us to choose wisely – that is, to choose life and blessing.  

Judaism exalts not convenient, emotional, or popular choice, but rather wise choice.  Wisdom should guide each of us, throughout life, to choose that which will negate the bad and do the greatest good.

May we always be wise in the choices we make in life, and may God grant us the wisdom to always choose wisely.  


Rabbi Jonathan Pearl