Security Update in Aftermath of Texas Events

Jan. 18, 2022

17 Shvat, 5782

Dear ACI Member and Friend,

Once again a synagogue was under attack. We stand with our Jewish brothers and sisters at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas, as they withstood a dangerous hostage situation during Shabbat services. We thank God that all the victims of the now-concluded siege emerged unhurt, and are safe.  

B’ezrat hashem, may we – and all other synagogues and their congregants, here and everywhere – always stand strong and vigilant against the ugly scourge of anti-Semitism in all its variants and manifestations.

Unfortunately anti-Semitic incidents are all too common. As we are aware that this event has triggered heightened concerns now, we wanted to be in touch with you about this matter.

I (the Rabbi) have been in touch several times with the 114th precinct and they assured me that, at least for the short term, they will deliver a presence for us on Tuesdays and Shabbatot. At the same time, Aryeh is actively exploring other viable security avenues as well.

May ACI be guided by the wisdom of our sages to ensure that our congregation provides all the security measures necessary to keep us all safe. 

May we all be blessed – for good, for life, and for peace. 

Rabbi Jonathan Pearl, Ph.D. 

Aryeh Gershon and Cynthia Groopman, Co-Presidents

Astoria Center of Israel