September 2019

As we experience the end of Summer this month, and glide imperceptibly into Fall, we are carried by the holy days of Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot. 

Seasons come and go, and as they do the years go by with them.  Alone and unmoored, one could become overwhelmed by this inevitable passage of time. Yet as Jews we see the passage of time as a gift, a blessing, as it is anchored in the awesomeness of Jewish life and living. In this vein, we treasure the Jewish calendar, which doesn’t merely note the passage of life and time, it literally celebrates and sanctifies them.

The Jewish calendar this month – Tishrei – features the Yamim Noara’im (Days of Awe) and Sukkot.  These holy days impress upon us – with powerful words and tunes, customs and rituals – the value and necessity of making wise and proper choices of what we do with each moment of our precious and irreplaceable time. 

May the messages of these profound holy days give us the strength, vision, faith and understanding to wisely embrace and relish the changing of the seasons and the marching on of time and life.

Judy, Ayelet, Eitan, Noam, and I wish for each of you a Shanah tovah u-m’tukah – a good and a sweet year.


Rabbi Pearl