Summer 2019

Nature offers us warm months of summer, often used as vacation time or down time, periods of time which could potentially lead to boredom and idleness, lack of discipline and order. 

Tradition offers us a more thoughtful and helpful summer path.  Pirkei Avot, among the most accessible of our Jewish texts of wisdom and guidance, is suggested as regular reading material over the course of the summer.  Pirkei Avot is a font of simple yet profound Rabbinic aphorisms touching on some of the most important aspects of living a good and decent life. 

At a time when minds can wander and thoughts can stray, our sages recommended embracing the keen insights and towering strength offered and taught by Pirkei Avot.   The hope is that summer then will be for each of us a time of physical and spiritual renewal.  While there is surely room in this plan for fun and relaxation, lightheartedness and even frivolity, by religiously reading Pirkei Avot such fleeting moments of summer are always buttressed by the solid, sacred, and eternal foundations and values of Jewish life.

Have a great summer!


Rabbi Pear